100 – our last play

100 won a Fringe First Award for 'innovation in theatre and outstanding new production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it enjoyed a total sell-out run.

Following great critical acclaim, 100 has been on an extensive international tour including a sell-out run at the Soho Theatre in London, a UK tour and invitations to:

The World Stage Festival in Toronto, Canada
Kilkenny Arts Festival in Ireland
Perth International Arts Festival in Australia
Adelaide Festival of Art in Australia
Curitiba International Arts Festival in Brazil.

It played in medium to large scale venues (400 – 1000 seats).

About 100:

That you must choose one single memory from your life - everything else will be erased forever
That choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity
That you have one hour to choose

Choose now:
From your whole life, from all you've ever done, felt or thought… what is the one thing you treasure most?
The characters in 100 are forced to choose and re-enact their memories, using only their bodies and bamboo sticks in fluidly transforming 'sets'. We are magically transported to a dramatic French motorbike race, a South American rainforest and a London tube train as each character in turn tries to capture their memory for eternity.


'… this breathtaking piece of theatre. I do believe I will remember it, in both my head and my heart, all of my life. It is a tiny, huge, simple, complex play that touched me in places I didn’t even know I had. (…) This play moved me more profoundly than anything I can remember seeing in theatre..'
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

' Beautifully executed … its sheer unaffected simplicity is an integral part of its power... there is an energy and real connection here between actors and audience… this is a show that you will carry around with you long after you have left the theatre'
The Guardian, London

' An arresting show…your mind and heart dilate during it... I’ve never had one, but I suspect that a massage will leave you feeling renewed in the way 100 does.'
The Independent, London

' The unfolding tale is a work of powerful proportions. The beauty of this play is in its simple premise and the purity of its execution. Unlike plays that resemble television sitcoms on stage or are constipated with words, ‘100’ is a reminder that a single gesture can speak volumes. This play is likely to be the hit of the Perth International Arts Festival.'
The Australian

' 100’ is the type of performance you don’t notice going by. What takes place below the sur-titles kidnaps us completely; it transports us, shatter us. It is a precious alchemy filled with simple solutions which are at the same time extraordinary, resourceful and unforgettable. (…) It’s the most impressive show of the festival.'
Hoje em Dia, Brazil

' Superbly mounted rigorous production'
Metro, London

' Sublime. Extraordinary. An almost perfect piece of theatre'
Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)

' Spellbinding. Ecstatic. This was theatre of the highest order'
Blaze Media (Australia)

' Inventive and graceful'
Time Out London

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Created by Christopher Heimann & Diene Petterle
Written by Neil Monaghan, Diene Petterle & Christopher Heimann.
Devised with Matt Boatright-Simon, Matthieu Leloup, Tanya Munday, Claire Porter and Lawrence Werber (the original cast of 100)
Amanda Drew - Sophie
Pip Donaghy - The Guide
Claire Porter - Nia
David Rubin - Alex
Faz Singhateh - Ketu
Christopher Heimann director & co-writer
Diene Petterle co-writer & associate director
Neil Monaghan co-writer
Adam Crosthwaite lighting designer
Katharine Williams relights
Soutra Gilmour set designer
Annemarie Woods costume designer
Christoph Stolberg graphic designer
Nevil Mountford photographer

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